Testimonial – Marti Williams

Marti Williams

In the plethora of conferences for Christians out there, some conferences rise above the others, and CV Conference is one of those!

While some conferences are inwardly focused, CV Conference is all about challenging the next generation (and even some ‘mature’ folks) to consider their role in what God is doing to bring redemption to His world. Delegates are challenged, stretched, encouraged, and coached in considering whether/how God might want to use them in vocational ministry.

My husband and I have been in ministry for nearly 40 years, and it is with regret that we realise we have more of our ministry life behind us than ahead of us. In other words, we see that the time is coming for us to ‘pass the baton’ to the next generation. CV Conference is an excellent opportunity for us to be involved in doing just that. Therefore, each year we eagerly block out the October long weekend to attend CV Conference in Victor Harbor, so that we can play a part in this effort!

As ‘oldies’ who are reaching their ‘use by’ date, we are so encouraged to see CV Conference invest in challenging and preparing the next generation! It is such a privilege to meet and build into a new generation of faithful servants who are open to God’s direction—and even seeking counsel from those who have gone before! We love the opportunity to coach them through the next steps and to challenge them, through coaching sessions, discussion groups and electives, with living out the gospel in a needy world. We also find ourselves being challenged and encouraged in our own ministry, through the conference speakers. We are thankful for the privilege and honour to serve, guide and prepare the next generation of gospel workers!