Support our delegates

We work as hard as we can to keep our conference costs down, but the cost can still be prohibitive to some delegates. We anticipate that 20 to 30 more delegates would come if their conference fees were covered—either partially, or in full. Such a contribution would be a tremendous encouragement for those going, and potentially a strategic investment towards the growth of the Kingdom of God.    

If you are able to contribute towards the full or partial cost of a delegate’s fees, please arrange a direct deposit into our bank account. If you do so, please specify in the description/reference field whether your contribution is for a specific delegate (please supply their name) or any needy delegate (please write ‘anyone’).

If you have any questions about making a financial contribution, please email

Bank Details

Acc. Name: CV Ministries Inc
BSB: 015010
Acc. Number: 398079782